Fritz the Fox kitbasher’s resin kit now on sale!

November 22nd, 2014

Want to put Fritz the Fox in the cockpit of your favorite model airplane? Now you can! I’m pleased to announce that Fritz the Fox’s kitbasher’s resin kit is now available just in time for the holidays… Check it out…

The NEXT Fritz the Fox cartoon…

April 17th, 2014

Here’s a sneak peek at the concept art for Fritz’s NEXT cartoon, which is already on the drawing board. This cartoon will be a tribute to the creature features of the fifties, when the military were the good guys and atomic energy was the bad guy. Here’s a peek at the concept art…

The Collected Adventures of Fritz the Fox

January 29th, 2014

All of the amazing cartoon adventures of Fritz the Fox are now available in a one-of-a-kind high-definition collectible format. The Deluxe version of this unique collection even includes a special 3D cartoon and the glasses you need to view it. Check it out in the gift shop…

Win a Free Fritz the Fox DVD!

December 30th, 2013

With the pending release of Fritz’s new hi-def collection, I find myself with box of unsold Fritz the Fox DVD’s, so I’ve decided to give them away! All you have to do to win a copy of The Blue Fox is submit a custom skin or add-on for your favorite flight sim featuring one of Fritz the Fox’s airplanes. (Please include an in-game screenshot of your skin.) I’ve created a helpful guide to the markings and camouflage of Fritz’s aircraft to assist you. I will be choosing several of the best skins/add-ons to feature as downloads on this website for other Fritz the Fox fans to enjoy, and their creators will receive a free copy of The Blue Fox DVD. This DVD contains a couple features that are not offered in the high-def collection, so enter the Skin the Fox contest while supplies last!

Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2013

Merry Christmas, everyone! My Christmas present to you is a brand new Fritz the Fox adventure. Happy landings!

Fritz the Fox is now on Facebook!

December 3rd, 2013

Fritz the Fox now has his own fan page! So, if you’d like to get to know Fritz better and hear all about his latest aerial adventures, head on over to Facebook and give’em a “Like”!

That’s a wrap!

November 23rd, 2013

Principal animation on the latest Fritz the Fox cartoon is complete! It is now ready for audio. Look for Fritz the Fox to be winging your way soon in his latest adventure…


The Wind Rises

November 13th, 2013

The latest Fritz the Fox cartoon is approaching completion, and I hope to have it finished before next year. (I’ve experienced a few delays, including the unexpected discovery of 90 gallons of fuel oil under my staircase that has suddenly demanded a good deal of attention). Until then, I invite you to enjoy this trailer for another nifty aviation cartoon coming out next year, The Wind Rises. It is the biographical tale of┬áJiro Horikoshi, the designer of the Japanese Zero, directed by the masterful Hayao Miyazaki

The Fox walks among us…

May 20th, 2013

Fritz the Fox fan, Mark Sinicki, was inspired to create this costume of Tadeusz Polski Fox as an Oberstleutnant der LSK Musik Korps. Great job, Mark!

Fox costume

I’d Rather Be Flying

April 15th, 2013