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Fritz the Fox needs your help!

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

I am currently remastering all of the Fritz the Fox cartoons in hi-def so that I can release them on blu-ray. So far, I’ve completed remastering everything except the cartoon that started it all, Fritzkrieg. Since it is the oldest cartoon, it has been neccessary for me to go through it shot by shot and fix minor glitches and polish or replace some of the artwork. One detail I’ve been attending to during the restoration is removing all of the swastikas from the Luftwaffe planes. Some of you may be appalled to hear of this particular fit of political correctness, but Fritz was always intended to be a family cartoon, and over the years I’ve had to reassure more than one parent that Fritz, being a cartoon fox, has no affiliation to the nazi party. It’s a nuisance, so I’m scrubbing the swastikas. I’ve decided to make the most of the situation by substituting joke signage and graffiti in place of the offending symbol (see sample below), and that’s where I can use your help.

stuka rudder with something clever written on it

You see, it’s hard to be funny on demand. On any given day, I’ve only got so many jokes in me, and for this task I need to be a veritable one-liner factory. So, in the spirit of the internet, I’m crowdsourcing the comedy. I’d like to hear YOUR ideas for funny stuff to paste on the planes. If I like your joke and decide to use it, I will include your name in the credits of the remastered cartoon, and you will receive a five dollar coupon good towards either a copy of one of Fritz’s current DVD’s (The Blue Fox…I’ve sold out of my personal copies of Fritzkrieg) or the blu-ray when it becomes available. (which could be over a year from now, since I’m hoping to make one more cartoon first)

E-mail your ideas to barry at

A couple things to keep in mind:
1) This is a family cartoon, so no profanity or risque humor.
2) I rarely have a lot of space to work with, so the shorter the quip, the better.

Fritz the Fox…in Hi-Def

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

I am currently remastering all of the Fritz the Fox cartoons in hi-def for eventual release on Blu-ray. Below is an actual size screenshot of a remastered frame from The Blue Fox (click on the image to view it full size). Look for Fritz to fly again soon…and look better than ever doing it!

The Blue Fox in hi-def