Fritz the Fox flies again!

Well, I’m far enough along with it that I think it is safe to announce that Fritz the Fox will be flying again next year in a new cartoon. This one is being produced in hi-def, with a view to a Blu-Ray release down the road. Still lots of work to do, but a ton of artwork has been produced already, and I’m steadily producing a few seconds of animation a day. The new cartoon will introduce a couple of new characters to Fritz’s pantheon of furry friends. Of course, the million dollar question on your mind now is…what will Fritz be flying? For a hint, I leave you with this screenshot, of an obscure little cockpit detail from some background art in the cartoon that will probably be too small to read when it appears on screen. (It’s the sort of thing I do when I get bored animating) See if you can guess what Fritz’s new ride will be…


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