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Aviation Humor

Martin Lewis Publications is the world leader in aviation cartoon books.

Chicken Wings is a very funny web comic featuring the high-flying adventures of Chuck the Pilot and his feathered friends.

Ton van Andel proves that the international language of aviation is laughter.

Aviation Organizations, News and Weather

AOPA The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

ADDS Aviation weather from the source (NOAA)

EAA The Experimental Aircraft Association

Flight Journal is the online version of the popular aviation magazine.

Flight Training

Young Eagles The Young Eagles is an EAA sponsored program that introduces kids to aviation

Flight Training Online Want to learn? Start here.

FAA The Federal Aviation Administration has all the information you need to learn to fly.

Becoming a Pilot is a search engine for students looking for flight training opportunities.

Flight Simming

SimHQ is an excellent site for combat flight sim gaming news and information.

AVSim is a great site for finding downloadable add-ons for MS Flight Simulator.

War Thunder is a fun online multiplayer combat flight sim that you can try for free. They will soon be offering tanks and ships, too!

Aviation Artists

Wade Meyers is a very clever and hard working aviation artist who seems to have a new painting every month. You can find him on Facebook, too, if you want to keep up with what he is painting this month.

Dru Blair is an impressive airbrush artist and very smart guy whose iconic paintings you will be sure to recognize.

Manuel Perales is a talented Spanish illustrator who has drawn a graphic novel based on the classic wartime aviation book, "The Big Show", by his friend, Pierre Clostermann.

Russell Smith is a brilliant painter and super nice guy whose WWI paintings are among my favorites. His command of color is evident in every painting he makes.

Other Great Airplane Websites

30,000 Feet is a great aviation portal, with links to tons of other wonderful sites about airplanes.

Hyperscale is a bottomless information resource for aircraft model builders.

The Aerodrome is the best World War One aviation site on the web. is home to the league of WWI historians.

Elljet has a great list of links to other sources of WWI aviation info on the web.

WIX, or the Warbird Information Exchange, is a lively forum for military aviation enthusiasts. is the ultimate website for all things Viper. offers you a chance to own a unique piece of aviation history.

Stormbirds is a beautifully made reference site about the Me262.

Warbird Digest is a wonderful print magazine devoted to vintage warbirds, with some outstanding photography in every issue.

Belle and Blade is your one-stop shop if you are looking for a war movie. You will find stuff here you never knew existed! And some pretty cool gifts, too. They have an awesome print catalog they will be happy to send you, too, if you just ask nicely...

Air Travel Firsts is just what it sounds like: a timeline of aviation firsts that links to loads of great places where you can learn more about the history of flight. I don't know why it is hosted by a HVAC service company, but I've had a couple people mention to me what a great list it is, so it seems worthy of inclusion. Enjoy!

Everything Else

NIMH on Autism the Fritz the Fox website would not exist at all were it not for my son, Austin, who is autistic. Many of the cartoons found here were originally created for his amusement, to indulge his early childhood passion for airplanes. So if you enjoyed this site at all, why not spend a moment getting to know Austin, and countless numbers of children like him? NIMH's website explains it all in a nutshell.